Transformation of rural agriculture in M’muock by Rural Farmers Support Network

It was on Thursday 19 of August 2021 that the M’muock branch of Rural Farmers Support Network under the patronage of Njofie Isaac Fieze organised a meeting to train rural farmers in M’muock exclusively in the vernacular on how to manage agricultural input chemicals and also to share some of the agricultural inputs chemicals to them.

Some of the issues discussed were foundation and objectives of the NGO, membership, presentation on the soil of M’muock, what and how to do when spraying farms, decoding some of the formulae and abbreviation on the labelling and translating into vernacular, how to understand withdrawal period in fertilizers, how to know if crops contain high level of Toxicity, different types of fertilizers and different crops to apply on, effects of misuse of agric input chemicals on output and human health.

Some of the body diseases suffered by the consumers of crops as a result of poor management of agric input chemicals, the different types of fungicides (systemic and contact) and how to use them to combat blight. Finally, the distribution of agricultural input chemical to farmers.

At the end of the Four hours’ meeting, farmers in M’muock testified to have learned how to wear face masks while spraying, to cover the entire body so as to avoid body contact with input chemical, to take a spraying direction from the direction of the breeze, and not to fill-full the water to the extent that it can pour on their bodies.

Farmers equally mastered the different types and compositions of fertilizers, specific crops to apply different fertilizers on, how to apply fertilizers in different planting seasons and how to detect when fertilizer is still active on vegetable and other crops.

Furthermore, farmers equally leant the different types of fungicides, and when to use systemic or contact or both in spraying crops to fight against blight.

Moreover, farmers in M’muock equally understood how the mismanagement of agric input chemicals on the body and crops could be dangerous to output and a great cause of body diseases; which most of them acknowledged to have been suffering from.

Again, the meeting was equally an opportunity for farmers in M’muock to understand the different soils and soil property in the locality through rock types.

The occasion was crowned by the distribution of agric input chemicals to farmers that were present in the meeting. All these was to combat food insecurity in the M’muock locality.